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Etymology: AS, treowo
a rule or statement that conforms to fact or reality.

Patient discussion about truth

Q. If the lie is our truth & living the truth feels fake & unreal how do we persevere to the needed chang there's the real me, good & underdeveloped. there is the worldly me, challenged as all of us probably are. there is the addict me, afflicted half or more of my life, developed & strong. two out of three are tough odds to deal with...

A. the battle against your own self is harsh and there will be casualties. reality is based on your own definition of the world around you, but it also based on how the world defines you. this is your escape from the inner struggle- define yourself and your actions not by your own faulty judgment but by how the world and it's moral judge you.
good luck.

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245) Like Martin Luther King in a far distant time and place, Sojourner Truth did not let her proclivity for peaceful resistance tame or silence her.
And it was the housing problem that led to months of discord in a northwest section of Detroit, called the Sojourner Truth Housing Project, as white Detroiters picketed and threatened violence if African-Americans were allowed to occupy the Truth Homes at a time when "only one other project in the city housed blacks, despite the growing inner-city housing shortage.
When that happened, said Nomani, "I quoted Sojourner Truth when she said, 'If they burn us out, then I shall preach upon the ashes.
For in this small treasure trove are the images of citizens who would not fit into the stereotypes of their day and who, like Sojourner Truth, demand even now that we look at them.
While on the whole chapter three persuasively argues that Sojourner Truth's improvisational discursive style distinguishes her as an admirable blues trickster, the imprecision of naming her a writer evidences more than hurried articulation or careless thinking: it contradicts Douglass-Chin's primary contention that Sojourner Truth did not need to read or write to know herself and to make herself known.
From Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Pulling John Brown, Sojourner Truth, Robert Owen, Susan B.
Gloria Wade Gayles has a series of poems commemorating "ancestors": Sojourner Truth, Phillis Wheatley, Harriet Tubman, Ida Barnett, Mary Bethune, Zora Neale Hurston, and Fannie Lou Hamer.
All I could do was talk about desire while I rendered the face of the Sojourner Truth Apartments, like a myopic Monet, in different light.
And, no table of contents is provided in two of the volumes (Narrative of Sojourner Truth and A Hairdresser's Experience in High Life).
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