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Etymology: AS, treowo
a rule or statement that conforms to fact or reality.

Patient discussion about truth

Q. If the lie is our truth & living the truth feels fake & unreal how do we persevere to the needed chang there's the real me, good & underdeveloped. there is the worldly me, challenged as all of us probably are. there is the addict me, afflicted half or more of my life, developed & strong. two out of three are tough odds to deal with...

A. the battle against your own self is harsh and there will be casualties. reality is based on your own definition of the world around you, but it also based on how the world defines you. this is your escape from the inner struggle- define yourself and your actions not by your own faulty judgment but by how the world and it's moral judge you.
good luck.

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We are pleased to continue our partnership with the women of the Congressional Black Caucus to celebrate the Sojourner Truth Legacy Project at the Womens Leadership Reception.
Elbaum took a critical look at the NCM, but he all-but-ignored arguably one of the most important organizations that developed within the NCM, the Sojourner Truth Organization (STO).
Her eloquent and powerful argument about the bonds between parents and children, evident in the cases of Sojourner Truth, Catharine Linda, and a woman simply known as "Betty," reveals the ambivalence of mothers who had to choose between leaving children behind and freeing themselves.
Apart from the famous Narrative of Sojourner Truth (a second-hand account based on Truth's transcribed testimony), Washington makes good use of newspaper accounts, and the letters and diaries of Truth's contemporaries, to capture her power as an orator.
Sojourner Truth was born a slave about 1797, in Ulster County, N.
See "Reading the Narrative of Sojourner Truth as a Collaborative Text" in Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies, Spring 1996).
Sixteen months prior to the riot, the city had attempted to open the Sojourner Truth Housing Project for African-American war workers, and white citizens of Detroit responded by picketing, with outbreaks of violence.
Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth were key figures in the fight against slavery.
Understandably, DeLombard focuses on Frederick Douglass and Isabelle Van Wagenen, on her way to becoming Sojourner Truth, in their struggles to attain credibility.
CIVIL rights campaigner Sojourner Truth fought against slavery, not against its abolition.
Some of the women whose autobiographical writings are included here are well known: Mary Jemison, Fanny Kemble, Sojourner Truth and Margaret Fuller have caught our attention before.
Sojourner Truth, Eliza Potter, Harriet Wilson and Elizabeth Keckley disagreed and gave voice to their opinions in writing.