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A substance added to another to increase its suitability (e.g., in sealant placement, acid etchant is placed on the enamel to prepare it for bonding with the sealant).


involved in improving physical condition.

livestock conditioner
a person involved in special feeding programs for heavy producing dairy cows or animals being prepared for shows, exhibitions, fairs and sale. Usually done at the conditioner's premises because of the secret nature of the materials and procedures. Represents a potential health threat from infectious disease.
soil conditioner
agents such as gypsum added to clay soil to improve its physical state.

Patient discussion about conditioner

Q. Does using hair shampoo and conditioner too often or in too excess cass hair loss?

A. Chemicals used for dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or permanent waves can cause hair to become damaged and break off if they are overused or used incorrectly. Overstyling and excessive brushing also can cause hair to fall out if the hair shaft becomes damaged.
so it really depends on which shampoo you are using and what are the materials inside it. i heard from more then one hair dresser that conditioner can cause it and shampoo for dry hair that also contains conditioner. but it could be just an urban legend...

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In areas where Trikombi had been applied on the soil, there was 100-percent recovery of the crops, while only 60 percent had been recovered in parts with no soil conditioner.
They agreed that the two cities should work on developing a better, less-expensive alternative to the traditional land application of wastewater biosolids, one that would yield a high-quality, marketable fertilizer and soil conditioner.
The first chemical soil conditioner "Krilium" was developed in 1951 and a special edition of Soil Science reported the initial experimental findings (Bear 1952).
Viridor has made its latest donation of high quality soil conditioner to the Good Food Matters Charity in Croydon.
This resulted in the use of 23,000 bins, creating nearly 7,200 tonnes of waste which was collected and made into compost/ soil conditioner.
The new AerifyPLUS product offered by the team at Nature's Lawn is designed to act as the ultimate soil conditioner and create the ideal foundation for long-term growth.
Recycle lawn clippings to make soil conditioner and mulch.
I also spent a ridiculously wild and windy day incorporating a truck full of Wormtech's soil conditioner into the veggie beds.
pelleted chicken soil conditioner, conditioner, compost or
Dig the soil over well and add soil conditioner and fertiliser.