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Pierre-Victor, French physicist, 1899-1993. See: Auger electron.


A screw conveyor which is used to distribute paving material transversely ahead of the screed conveyor.
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Feed annually with a high-nitrogen complete fertilizer; you can bore holes around the tree's drip line with a soil auger and drop in tree fertilizer tablets or use tree food stakes.
Based on encountering a 35 foot intersection of potentially economic grade gold mineralization in Hole WR04-04 additional reverse circulation drilling is warranted within the area previously covered by soil auger drilling.
Use a soil sampling tube, soil auger, or shovel to check soil moisture at various depths.
Previous ground magnetic work over the intrusive in Trench 3 extends the target area at least 700 feet south of the end of the trench, in an area where high gold-in-soil values were discovered by last year's soil auger drill program.
Curt Freeman our consultant of Avalon Development states, "that the ground magnetic over the intrusive in trench 3 extends the target area at least 700 feet south of the end of the trench and it corresponds with the high gold in soils discovered by last years soil auger drill program.
This intrusive mass remains open to expansion to the west and south into an area of the previously completed soil auger grid where gold soil values are consistently anomalous (+50 ppb) and reach up to 1,000 ppb.
Phase 2 rock and soil auger sampling has been completed at the Old Glory prospect and has expanded the extent of anomalous gold in rocks and soil to an area measuring 400 meters northeast-southwest by 200 meters northwest-southeast.
In addition, a small close-spaced soil auger grid was placed over a trench area to try to determine the extent and trend of the mineralization.
The soil auger results announced today, in the context of their geological setting, are an important step in making the next discovery in the area.

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