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A device for converting energy into mechanical motion.

dental engine

A machine that rotates dental instruments.

high-speed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument in excess of 12,000 rpm.

ultraspeed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument at speeds from 100,000 to 300,000 rpm.
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- Integrated Development Environment -- features a comprehensive hardware and software environment, integrating the GSM/GPRS chipset, handset reference design, field-proven GSM/GPRS software engine and user interface toolkit, and an application development system.
In addition to providing compliance with the W3C XSL-FO specification, the software engine includes a number of additional functions that provide extended composition and page layout controls which give users more versatile document formatting capabilities.
He said: "The product is based on the concept behind a bespoke package we originally produced for BP, but we have redesigned the software engine so it can be applied to virtually anything.
Faro Technologies, Inc., has developed the CAM2 Open Measure metrology software to operate on the Unigraphics CAD software engine from PLM Solutions by EDS.
Mitek's document imaging software engine and intelligent character recognition products and services are used in mission-critical and high volume data entry, data capture, and forms processing applications installed in many of the world's leading financial institutions, manufacturing and service companies, and government organizations.
In fact, ClearForest recently arranged to incorporate Inxight's multilingual language-processing software engine, LinguistX, into its software.
Solsis is the result of a recent collaboration with Texas Instruments that combines the TI C5000 DSP platform with PCTEL's patented software engine, resulting in a powerful modem solution small enough to fit even the most compact designs.
The networks run on an HP 9000 work station or an Oracle, a database software engine, and sounds, images and data are incorporated into the database.
The company has developed a powerful interactive software engine that allows users to quickly and easily search the country or a specific region for various sorts of business information.
The FATS 300LEs powerful software engine can support up to 20 simulated law enforcement weapons concurrently, including rifles, pistols, machine guns, and non-lethal deterrents like a Taser or pepper spray.
Pivot3's unique HCI and intelligent software engine is an exceptional
Prior to printing and applying the label, the system's integrated rate shopping software engine compares up to 70 potential carriers to determine and select the most cost-effective shipping price based on the service level expectation of the customer for further cost savings.

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