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1. Lack of strength or potency.
2. Inability to perform normally.
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1. Lack of strength or potency.
2. Inability to perform normally.
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A state of debility caused by prolonged bed rest, muscle disease or wasting, severe infection, anaemia, starvation or psychological disorder with loss of motivation. Once causes have been removed, the only cure for weakness is activity. See also FATIGUE, MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS.
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Patient discussion about weakness

Q. my wife feels weak. her pulse is only 45. What should we do

A. Is her pulse always that low? Is it regular? Does she have periods of rapid pulse?
Is she sensitive to cold weather (e.g. wearing warm clothes when others don't)? Has she gained weight recently?
Has her hair changed? Does she have any heart diseases? Diabetes?

The combination of slow pulse and weakness in a woman (what's her age?) may suggests hypothyroidism. In this case, than she needs to see a doctor in order to diagnose and treat this condition.
You ma read more about it here:

Q. Can anyone help me. I have weak bones and the doctor advised me to take milk to boost my vitamin D. Can anyone help me. I have weak bones and the doctor advised me to take milk to boost my vitamin D. I hate milk and I hope Vitamin supplements are also available in the market. I can get natural Vitamin D from sunlight also. As I am averse to milk can I go for Vitamin D Supplement?

A. So if you don't wanna know about Realmilk, I'd recommend
Kelp (copper in the kelp will help to absorb the calcium also)
Cod liver oil (excellent natural source of vitamins A & D, double the dose)
Flax seed oil
Raw apple cider vinegar (puts the calcium where it's s'posed to go)

Q. My doctor told me I have asthenia. Meaning I feel weak though I am normal. does it say i have a mental issue My doctor told me I have asthenia. which means I feel week but my strength is normal. I feel very weak but the doctor said that my muscle strength is fine. Do i have a mental problem or maybe there is a physiologic explanation for my situation?

A. No!
I suffered from hypothyroidism and had asthenia.
there are many causes for this symptom. Some are psychological but some are physical. Blaming your mental status is the last resort, and if your GP does it before he denies other reasons you need to change your GP!

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