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A military term referring to unarmoured/undefended non-military target—e.g., a city or industrial region targeted for destruction. Soft targets can generally be overcome from any direction with typical ordnance in use by line units.
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Shaikh said that students are one of the soft targets for the traffickers and advised MAJU students to be aware from all the hazards and to keep them away from these traffickers.
"Our soft targets are celebrities and politicians and we are ignoring serious crimes which are happening in our country.
"Soft target" manufacturers must toughen up to counter ruthless hackers, an expert has said, after nearly half the companies surveyed for a report said they had been victims of cyber crime.
Arevalo said the military was expecting more NPA attacks on 'soft targets ...
The COAS was apprised that there had been phenomenal reduction in sectarian targeting while terrorists in desperation were now targeting Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and soft targets, news release of Inter Services Public Relations said.
Bill Nelson, D-Fla described crowded areas in airports as "soft targets." The mass shooting cast a fresh spotlight on the issue of airport safety months after attacks on airports in Brussels and Istanbul in 2016.
Soft Targets and Crisis Management: What Emergency Planners and Security Professionals Need to Know
The reported Russian cyber attack on the US Democratic Party's opposition research database shows that foreign intelligence agencies are increasingly focusing on soft targets to gain the information they seek.
Abduction for ransom is widespread in lawless Afghanistan, and mine clearers are soft targets because they usually work in remote regions.
Abduction for ransom is widespread in lawless Afghanistan, and de-miners are soft targets as they usually work in remote regions.
Though the massacre in Bacha Khan University Charsadda was contained, but intents of the enemy were clear - hitting soft targets, spreading fright and terror.