Soft Target

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A military term referring to unarmoured/undefended non-military target—e.g., a city or industrial region targeted for destruction. Soft targets can generally be overcome from any direction with typical ordnance in use by line units.
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Turkish National Police and the Gendarmarie contributed to the Memorandum by sharing their experiences and the good practices they developed to protect soft targets against terrorist attacks.
Their topics include the psychology of soft targeting and unique vulnerability, the common-sense guide for the CEO, developing a planning team, exercises: testing plans and capabilities in a controlled environment, emergency operations center management during terrorist incidents, emergency management and the media, soft target threat assessment, hospital business continuity, sporting venue emergency planning, coordinated terrorist attacks and the public health system, developing strategies for emergency management programs, infrastructure protection: the fusion center's role, and soft target cybersecurity: the human interface.
Sources further indicate that these personalities fall in the category of soft targets because they have insufficient security and move freely in the city without proper security.
Trading Standards officers in his hometown of Hartlepool said he had become a soft target and his details sold on what scammers call a suckers list.
The video clip of the training apparently suggests that the left- wing extremists are planning to go for soft targets.
INTERPOL chief Noble pointed out that al Queda had recently issued a call for "brothers to strike soft targets, to do it in small groups.
25 ( ANI ): Terror experts have urged the United States Government to increase security and update emergency response plans at soft targets in the wake of the mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Iraqi capital had been suffering in the grips of a series of explosions that failed to heed the sanctity of the holy Muslim month of fast, Ramadan, and the attacks are often on soft targets, some even timed to coincide with shopping and queuing for the Iftar (break-fast) meals.
Maybe if more responsible citizens were armed, and allowed to carry in most locations, there wouldn't be any soft targets.
Islamic jihadists aim to use people who do not look Middle Eastern to commit atrocities on soft targets in the US in order for them to blend in with the majority.
Soft targets are now a priority for terrorists determined to inflict damage in the United States, said one of the FBI's top counter-terrorism officials.
Security will be tight at Games venues but the thousands at 18 public viewing sites across the UK may be seen as soft targets.