Louis J., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Sohval-Soffer syndrome.
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When the writer and community organizer Rebecca Soffer endured the sudden loss of both her parents in her 30s, she felt a need for a place for others like her to connect and share stories--without the confines of what grieving should be or the typical platitudes often said about death.
Sublett had one expert, OB/GYN physician Jeffrey Soffer. He said Dixon had been negligent in failing to spot the bowel injury in the laparoscopic procedure.
For example, in 2004, Arnon Soffer, ( a Haifa University demographer and advisor to Ariel Sharon, said: "when 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it's going to be a human catastrophe.
Haifa University geographer and academic Arnon Soffer stated in his book, "The Water Struggles in the Middle East", that Israel has strategic interests in the Nile Basin, and that the distribution of water among countries of the basin directly influences Israel, which is why it coordinates the matter with Ethiopia and other Nile countries through policies and sharing strategic interests.
The free flow of information and the rise of global consciousness sever people's ties to locality and undermine the hegemony of national identity (Eriksen, 2007; Soffer, 2013).
The gathering was organized by Francine Hermelin, Adam Kantor, Iris Mansour, Benj Pasek, Rebecca Soffer, and Amy Taylor Rosenblum, as part of an initiative to make Jewish traditions modern and meaningful for a generation of young Jews.
HOLDING FORTH: Michele King Soffer, centre, listens during a workshop at the Little Haiti Cultural Center with members of the Haitian community.
Since various protocols have been developed to obtain these clots, many researchers have questioned their activity in osseous-epithelial regeneration (Soffer et al., 2003; Weibrich et al., 2003a; Weibrich et al., 2003b; Arpornmaeklong et al., 2004; Choi et al , 2004; Pocaterra et al , 2016).
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