Samuel Thomas von, German anatomist, 1755-1830. See: Soemmerring ganglion, Soemmerring ligament, Soemmerring muscle, Soemmerring spot, ring of Soemmerring.
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The name of the vagus nerve was given by Domenico de Marchetti (1626-1688), of the University of Padua, Italy, and comes from the Latin "vagari"; due to its erratic and prolonged route, Willis, Soemmerring and Henle referred to it as the "nervus vagus".
Samuel Thomas von Soemmerring (1755-1830) desintegra el glosofaringeo e hipogloso y los describe como IX y XII, respectivamente, como hasta nuestros dias [4].
Out of 92 cases of PCO, 60.87% cases were fibrous variety and only 3.26% cases were Soemmerring's ring (Table 7).
How to tell life and death apart if death, as Buchner's contemporary, the German physician Thomas von Soemmerring tried to prove, did not occur immediately upon decapitation?
Responding to Samuel Thomas Soemmerring's research on these "cranial waters," Kant speculates, in Gigante's wording, that "the cerebral moisture that Soemmerring called soul provided material evidence for a symbolic unity in multeity, the unity of the transcendental self" (173).
Although the German philosopher and lawyer Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel cited lack of education as the reason for women's lesser intellect as early as 1792 and the German anatomist Samuel Thomas von Soemmerring noted in 1796 that the female skull was relatively larger than the male skull when compared to their respective skeletons, the majority of their contemporaries chose to see intelligence as an innate characteristic independent of education and relative skull size.
Van Soemmerring demonstrated his electrochemical telegraph complete with tank, keys and pile.
(Exemple du Soemmerring.) [Abstr.] Bull Soc anat Paris 1847:22:202-5 French.