(zœ′mər-ĭng), Samuel Thomas von 1755-1830.
German anatomist noted for describing and naming the cranial nerves.
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These outcomes could be due to the silicone IOL efficiently inhibiting PCO over a long time or to the efficiency drop or loss of the hydrophobic acrylic IOL's sharp edge due to late LEC proliferation, leading to an emerging Soemmering ring in the peripheral capsular bag, which, in its turn, resulted in a reduced or nonexistent PCO preventive effect 4-5 years postoperatively [12].
A Soemmering ring is a form of postcataract opacity occurring after the central section of the lens has been removed secondary to trauma or surgery.
Tretiakoff, Contribution a l'etude de lanatomie pathologique du Locus Niger de soemmering avec quelques deductions relatives a lapathogenie des troubles du tonus musculaire et de la maladie de Parkinson, Med.-Paris, 1919.
(1919) Contribution a l'etude de l'Anatomie pathologique du Locus Niger de Soemmering avec quelques deduction relatives a la pathogenie des troubles du tonus musculaire et de la maladie de Parkinson.
At one place, we left the track to see a plain where, according to Francois, there were often Soemmering's gazelle.
(6) Siegert highlights that already the Soemmering telegraph, invented in 1809, worked on the basis of contemporaneous neurological knowledge, and also Sarasin emphasizes the importance of the telegraph as a model for explaining neurological processes (Siegert 165-66; Sarasin 345-53).
Soemmering a montre qu'exactement sur l'axe principal de l'oeil, a quelques millimetres en dehors du point de penetration du nerf optique, existe une petite tache circulaire obscure, d'un millimetre et demi environ de large; elle est entouree d'une bordure jaunatre plus large qui se fond graduellement dans les parties contigues de la membrane.
The central player in this world was Pierre Camper (who was, one might add, publicized by his son-in-law Theodor Soemmering) who established the facial angle (a complete invention) to distinguish man from beast (or at least from the ape).
Davis) ("Camper, Soemmering, Lawrence, Virey, Ebel, and Blumenbach agree that the brain of the negro is smaller; and Gall, Spurzheim, and Combe, that it is so distributed as to denote less capacity for reasoning and judging than the Caucasian."); Cong.
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