sodium taurocholate

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so·di·um tau·ro·cho·late

the sodium salt of taurocholic acid, extracted from the bile of carnivora; a cholagogue.
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4) In addition, the potential benefits of colonic irrigation have been shown in rats following the induction of pancreatitis by intraduodenal injection of sodium taurocholate.
0 gm % sodium taurocholate to the standard (basal) commercial diet and daily feed consumption was recorded.
Current bench-based, fluorometric enzyme assay protocols require 2 separate punches for measuring the activity of GAA and GLA, because the punch for Pompe assay is extracted in deionized water, whereas the punch for Fabry assay requires 1% sodium taurocholate.
Sodium taurocholate reduced the activity of all 3 enzymes at all concentrations tested (see Table 3 in the online Data Supplement).
To the residue we added 15 [micro]L of 120 g/L sodium taurocholate in water.