sodium bromide

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so·di·um bro·mide

an obsolete hypnotic and sedative; occasionally used in epilepsy and other functional disorders of the nervous system.
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Another possible explanation for the plateau-shaped bromide BTC is the higher concentration of sodium bromide in the pulse injection (4.
Her preliminary results indicate that BIS is just as accurate as the sodium bromide dilution method, an established technique.
Whether spurred by that, or just by his knowledge of chemistry, he decided to add some sodium bromide to the concoction as well.
Two forms of bromine are commonly used for pool and spa water treatment: sodium bromide and BCDMH.
In the biocides market, both sodium bromide and the brominated hydantoins will enjoy above-average growth as they continue to replace chlorinated products in both residential and industrial applications.
After years of environmental sampling, Shepson and researchers from Purdue and Environment Canada, Ontario, have hypothesized that sodium chloride and sodium bromide in ocean water are naturally converted into gases and passed into the atmosphere where they destroy tropospheric ozone.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Sodium Bromide (Acti-Bromide)