sodium bisulfite

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so·di·um bi·sul·fite

acid sodium sulfite, used in gastric and intestinal fermentation, externally in the treatment of parasitic diseases, and as an antioxidant in certain injections (s. metabisulfite).
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Syncronyms in label is used as follows: LoSo = 0.2 mM sodium nitrate, HiSo = 2 mM sodium nitrate, LoAm = 0.2 mM ammonium chloride, HiAm = 2 mM ammonium chloride, Bis = 1.2 mM sodium bisulphite, Con = Control, using deionized water only.
Golachowski, (2003) observed reduction in the degree of acetylation of native potato starch in the presence of sodium bisulphite solution and had advised manufacturers of acetylated starch that, since sodium bisulphite (a source of S[O.sub.2]) is usually added during technological process of native starch, it is important to know the S[O.sub.2] contents of such native starch, if it would be used further in preparing acetylated starch and that such S[O.sub.2] treated starch milk should be washed with water in order to reduce its S[O.sub.2]contents prior to acetylation.