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Socratic methods are not the common genre of instruction, but they warrant mention as we proceed with instruction in classrooms and other environments that are not attached to simulation.
The over-use of the Socratic method may tend to encourage laziness on the part of both students and professors.
My law school, like almost every law school in the country, taught primarily through the Socratic method, a dialogue-based approach to education where one facilitating teacher poses never-ending questions to her students.
A large part of this fascination is because of the enigma surrounding this literary-historical character (1), and which finds its embodiment in the Socratic Problem, the Socratic Method and Socratic irony.
The Socratic method of offering your help through questions will aid the managing partner to see the value of your public relations expertise without thinking you're grabbing power.
Hints on Singing was written in a question/answer format, that is, a Socratic method of teaching.
While he loves the Socratic Method and a good lecture, Anderson is highly critical of textbooks, online learning, and describes "student-centered learning" as both "'silly" and "meaningless." He is also apparently dismissive of teacher education in general as he claims that "No one has ever taught good teachers let alone the best teachers how to teach." Although there is room for spirited debates over the craft of teaching, the fact that the SOTL has little to do with graduate training, hiring, and tenure and promotion as well as larger issues such as the administration and funding of higher education makes Anderson's commitment to the "great books" and classic liberal education appear more reactionary than thoughtful.
Through exploration of ideas including Socratic method, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, multiple intelligences, punk pedagogy, and Bloom's taxonomy of learning domains, participants will develop a greater understanding of their own philosophy of teaching and learning and create a strategy to use this to advance progressive social change goals.
Having meaningful conversations with clients, helping them determine, maybe through the Socratic Method, what their goals are should be your priority.
Moreover, Tarnopolsky's interpretation of the Gorgias myth reads 'the image of the naked, solitary and dead souls of the Gorgias myth' as Plato's amendment to the Socratic method, depicting in colorful imagery what the painful shaming experience of the logos could not teach.
(This was not surprising for he was one of the last law school practitioners of the Socratic method as his preferred teaching method.) He believed in rigorous honesty.