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A state of individual willingness to engage in sexual activity without having emotional ties to the sex partner
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Opportunity-driven men, like experimenters, would usually score toward the unrestricted end of a sociosexuality measure.
The facial width-to-height ratio predicts sex drive, sociosexuality, and intended infidelity.
Sociosexuality, commitment, and sexual desire for an attractive person.
The greater acceptability of unrestricted sociosexuality in men may potentially protect against higher sexual distress and dysfunction among men with highly avoidant attachment orientations.
The Effects of Sex and Gender-Role Characteristics on Facets of Sociosexuality in Heterosexual Young Adults.
Lastly two intriguing contributions were also accepted for publication and these are on the role of estrogen deficiency in subarachnoid hemorrhage and the role of gender in sociosexuality of infidelity after traumatic brain injury.
The implicit power motive and sociosexuality in men and women: Pancultural effects of responsibility.
Cross-cultural studies informed by socio-economic and evolutionary theory suggest that low sex ratio (i.e., a low number of men compared with the number of women of reproductive age) leads to higher socio-sexuality ("promiscuity"), particularly among women (Schmitt "Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A 48-nation study of sex, culture, and strategies of human mating" 2005).
Now or later: Peripartum shifts in female sociosexuality. In M.