cultural anthropology

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cul·tur·al an·thro·pol·o·gy

study of all aspects of culture resulting from human behavior, including, among others, speech and language, systems of thought, social systems, and the artifacts produced by a culture.
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In my discipline, sociocultural anthropology, feminists strongly criticized the reductionism of Levi-Strauss and other French structuralists who propounded this equation with charges of essentialism.
Another 23 essays review topics in archaeology, biological anthropology, the anthropology of language and communicative practices, and sociocultural anthropology. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
This book offers an overview of sociocultural anthropology with a focus on crises in the field and contemporary developments.
Durham (Stanford U.) brings together 21 articles on archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and communicative practices, and sociocultural anthropology, written by anthropologists, archaeologists, and those in linguistics, genetics, and other fields, who are from the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Canada.
The relevant sources which are identified by the editors (p2) are Aboriginal oral traditions, archaeology, linguistics, genetics, sociocultural anthropology and ethnography.
An Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology: Adaptations, Structures, Meanings, 2nd Edition