cultural anthropology

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cul·tur·al an·thro·pol·o·gy

study of all aspects of culture resulting from human behavior, including, among others, speech and language, systems of thought, social systems, and the artifacts produced by a culture.
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Socio-cultural anthropology straddles the humanities and the sciences, gathering talents from almost every disciplinary background.
Since such rapprochements have been ongoing in all branches of socio-cultural anthropology since its inception (the newest and most reflexive wave of re-evaluations peaking in the 1980s), the "phenomenological epoche's" refusal to "invoke cultural privilege as a foundation for evaluating worldviews or examining the complex and enigmatic character of the human condition" (p.
While interdisciplinary, the research will be grounded in the field of medical and socio-cultural anthropology.
I should point now to the connection between serious theoretical socio-cultural anthropology and history and political science.

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