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Catholic religious order founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola in 1540.
Jesuit tea - tea used by Indians for centuries; first cultivated by the Jesuits in their Paraguayan missions. Synonym(s): chenopodium
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The strength of the Society of Jesus, wherever its location, has been in its constant search for questions to respond to emerging concerns and realities.
13) The prominent IHS, denoting the whole Society of Jesus, on the title page serves both as signature for the text and as endorsement for patronizing the event.
This volume deepens the conversation between Jesuits and Jews as the Society of Jesus acknowledges its history--both its pride in Ignatius' stance and the need for contrition for its antisemitic role in the years that followed.
As much as Italians shaped the American West, their experiences had also had effects back home: the newly reinstated Italian branch of the Society of Jesus depended on its American missions for income and used the mission fields as a way of recruiting new Jesuits.
A survivor of sorts, Tesmond escapes England to become a teacher in a small, obscure continental village: "I was on the earth where I once again dared be what I was, one of the Brothers of the Society of Jesus.
O'Malley traces the origins of the Society of Jesus in the religious conversion of Ignatius of Loyola and his mystical experiences at Manresa.
In 1805 the operation of the college had been transferred to the Society of Jesus.
1491 - 1556) The founder of the Society of Jesus (the order of Jesuits ).
He suffered cardiac arrest while being brought to the hospital,' the Society of Jesus in the Philippines said.
Comerford investigates the building of religious orthodoxy in collaboration with the building of central political power in the context of an emerging state--Medici Tuscany--and a new religious order dedicated to missions and education--The Society of Jesus.
Arturo Sosa SJ as the General of the Society of Jesus on 14th October 2016.

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