social intelligence

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so·cial in·tel·li·gence

the capacity to understand and manage one's human relations and social affairs.
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Brandwatch adds BuzzSumo to its social intelligence offerings alongside Analytics, its core listening product, Vizia, its revolutionary data communication platform and Audiences, the company's influencer and audience analysis tool.
This suggests a deep commitment to the idea that humans alone possess sophisticated social intelligence, a bias that is often not supported by the evidence.
Key Words: Social intelligence, Religious orientations, Social experiences, social adjustment
Dr Jennifer Lau, researcher from King's College London, said: "It is surprising to see that online interaction is positively linked to a young person's social intelligence levels.
When I say clever I mean he has good social intelligence - he knows what players think and how they will react in certain situations.
Insurers are able to assess a person's online presence to provide a dimension into the applicant that they may not be able to find with third-party products like credit scores and motor vehicle reports and information from proprietary databases," said Max Drucker, CEO and president of social media risk assessment tool and data provider Social Intelligence.
Compared with similarly aged people, as well as younger volunteers, SuperAgers have a thicker, larger region of the cortex in the brain, significantly fewer neurofibrillary tangles (a marker of Alzheimer's), and a huge supply of a neuron, called von economo, which has been linked to higher social intelligence.
For me intelligence and social intelligence are two very different things.
And if there is one criterion for acquiring and maintaining relationships, it is probably social intelligence (SI).
Workshop for the Workplace Sustainable Leadership through Emotional and Social Intelligence, geared for women business leaders, 6:30 p.
Sitecore Social will integrate social intelligence with customer activity from all touchpoints, giving marketers real-time insight into customer activity and the ability to deliver personalized digital experiences that drive measurable business results.

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