deviant behavior

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de·vi·ant be·ha·vior

(dē'vē-ănt bē-hāv'yŏr)
Activity that is proscribed by custom, social mores, or laws intended to curb or discourage such activity.

deviant behavior

Any behavior considered to be grossly abnormal.
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Within each part, chapters with three texts each address such matters as building reality: the social construction of knowledge, constructing difference: social deviance, the architecture of stratification: social class and inequality, and global dynamics and population demographic trends.
The social deviance means inadequacy, deviation or violation of social norms and rules.
Results: Significant positive association of group pressure (kh2 =14.52), modeling (kh2 =12.93), social deviance (kh2 =10.70), advertisement propaganda (kh2 =05.16), fashion (kh2 =14.65) and easy availability (kh2 =06.33) was found with smoking initiation in college boys.
The service provides for the initiation and implementation of home educational assistance service for families in situations of social and relational distress where there are one or more minors who make an uncomfortable and / or are at risk of social deviance and / or marginalization.
He has written on Quebec society, ethnic communities, and social deviance in the past.
First of all, we could postulate a social psychological self-representation profile as aimed at social emancipation (individual self-assertion; individual self-criticism; assertive interpersonal relation; negative interpersonal relation; group identity; social deviance) versus a profile aimed at social integration (individual self-depreciation; positive interpersonal relation; social category; moral value).
The research shows that even white Americans, a historically nonstigmatized group, engage in social deviance when they feel they are being stereotyped negatively.
Themes emphasizing someone's social deviance prevailed more in Post-Dispatch content than in national outlets.
An attempt at defining "extremism" follows, borrowing from the social deviance literature, followed by a consensus that extremist ideology is "beyond the pale" and "non-mainstream." Finally, Michael takes a look at a rather puzzling phenomenon.
This degradation could reduce the apparent aspects of social deviance in the the region and reduce the stigma of white dust neighborhood because of its proximity to the Scope.
Building on qualitative interviews with 25 convicted drunk drivers in Denmark, I discuss how some drunk drivers relate their drunk driving to alcoholism or social deviance, while others explicitly dissociate themselves from such interpretations.
He is the author of "What up with DADT?: Addressing Confusion from inside the Military." Carmen Cusack and Matthew Waranius both serve as editors for the Journal of Law and Social Deviance.

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