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activity directed toward accomplishing something.
social work the activity of a social worker; work designed to promote the welfare of an individual or group.
social work/counseling in the omaha system, the planning by a social worker or counselor to promote the welfare of individuals or families.

social work

Provision of social services (in fields such as child welfare, criminal justice, hospital-based medicine, or mental health) and the promotion of social welfare by a professionally trained person. Social work often involves advocacy and aid for individuals who are poor, elderly, homeless, unemployed, or discriminated against in society because of gender, race, or other biases.
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The victim-focused subtopics under the index heading "women" may be interpreted as the social work profession mirroring and perpetuating a patriarchal culture.
The next year, the Department of Sociology at Peking University officially incorporated the social work profession into the department and began recruiting undergraduate social work students in 1989.
Of course, the third option would not provide support for the social work profession, but it would have important implications for the identification of outcomes for which the profession could improve to become more competitive with allied disciplines.
This year's focus was on examining the work-force issues facing the social work profession and how to transfer leadership to the next generation.
Measures in the package include the sponsorship of 200 university places from September, so that the brightest and highest achieving graduates from any discipline can sign up to conversion courses to become part of the social work profession.
This article will offer a response to Scott's challenge, arguing that the development of child protection practice is a fundamental issue for the social work profession.
It expands our understanding of the intricate relationships between employees and their work organizations, and provides a seminal contribution to the scholarly knowledge base of the social work profession.
The86-pagestudyconcluded: "The research found that both undergraduate and postgraduate students chose the course largely because it was the entry route into the social work profession.
Tony Garthwaite, the author of Social Work in Wales: A Profession to Value, said the social work profession must be relaunched on a new platform of common roles and responsibilities and consistently high standards of working conditions, pay, benefits and career opportunities.
This book's greatest strength is its ability to demonstrate the impact of radicalism on the social work profession as a whole.
At the turn of the twentieth century, the social work profession emerged in Western Europe and North America (hereafter the North) and in the interwar period was transplanted to colonized countries (hereafter the South) inside and outside the Arab world.
I recognise the social work profession is under pressure and recruitment issues may not always have been given the attention they deserve in the past.

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