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the science dealing with the mind and mental processes, especially in relation to human and animal behavior. adj., adj psycholog´ic, psycholog´ical.
analytic psychology (analytical psychology) the system of psychology founded by Carl Gustav Jung, based on the concepts of the collective unconscious and the complex.
clinical psychology the use of psychologic knowledge and techniques in the treatment of persons with emotional difficulties.
community psychology the application of psychological principles to the study and support of the mental health of individuals in their social sphere.
criminal psychology the study of the mentality, the motivation, and the social behavior of criminals.
depth psychology the study of unconscious mental processes.
developmental psychology the study of changes in behavior that occur with age.
dynamic psychology psychology stressing the causes and motivations for behavior.
environmental psychology study of the effects of the physical and social environment on behavior.
experimental psychology the study of the mind and mental operations by the use of experimental methods.
forensic psychology psychology dealing with the legal aspects of behavior and mental disorders.
gestalt psychology gestaltism; the theory that the objects of mind, as immediately presented to direct experience, come as complete unanalyzable wholes or forms that cannot be split into parts.
individual psychology the psychiatric theory of Alfred adler, stressing compensation and overcompensation for feelings of inferiority and the interpersonal nature of a person's problems.
physiologic psychology (physiological psychology) the branch of psychology that studies the relationship between physiologic and psychologic processes.
social psychology psychology that focuses on social interaction, on the ways in which actions of others influence the behavior of an individual.
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social psychology

The branch of psychology that deals with the behavior of groups and the influence of social factors on the individual.

social psychologist n.
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social psychology

The branch of psychology concerned with the study of groups and their influence on the individual's actions and mental processes.
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Therefore, we hypothesized that fans of a distant team would report increased levels of state social psychological health when placed into a situation in which both their role of team follower and other fans were salient.
One such area involves the impact of team identification and the resulting social connections on state social psychological health (e.g., loneliness, collective self-esteem, alienation).
Multiple regression analyses were used to examine the extent to which four of the five independent variables (social psychological, socio-cultural, organizational, and community) predicted likelihood to use the EAP for each of the eight problem categories.
Two ways of managing diversity are recognized: (1) attending to the social psychological processes that mediate relations between demographic characteristics and social and performance outcomes and (2) managing the distribution of workers on the basis of demographic characteristics.
In four post-communist countries -- East Germany, Estonia, Hungary and Slovenia -- it is too small to reliably support separate regressions of aggressive participation on sociodemographic (and social psychological) variables.
Chatting with another person can boost your brain's performance, according to a study published in the January 2011 issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Finally, because research indicates that group and team identification are more closely related to social well-being than personal well-being (Rubin & Hewstone, 1998; Wann et al., 2003), temporary and enduring social connections are predicted to have their greatest impact on social psychological health.
This book collects the latest work in the field, investigating areas such as attention and motivation, the motivational function of emotions, social psychological motivations and foundations of dietary preference, and self-determination theory and the theory of planned behavior.
According to this perspective, identification with a salient sport team (but not mere sport fandom per se, see Wann, 2006) will be correlated with social psychological health because it will result in increased social connections with others (team identification is defined as the extent to which a fan feels a psychological connection to a team, see Wann et al., 2001).
That is why the major focus of the recent research in social psychology has been on various social psychological variables like, attitude, motivation, age, aptitude, anxiety, intelligence etc, and their impact on Second Language Acquisition (SLA).
Social psychological theories and data are brought to bear on understanding the societal and environmental roots of the divide.
Adjustment to Misfortune-- A Problem of Social Psychological Rehabilitation.

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