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activity directed toward accomplishing something.
social work the activity of a social worker; work designed to promote the welfare of an individual or group.
social work/counseling in the omaha system, the planning by a social worker or counselor to promote the welfare of individuals or families.

social work

Provision of social services (in fields such as child welfare, criminal justice, hospital-based medicine, or mental health) and the promotion of social welfare by a professionally trained person. Social work often involves advocacy and aid for individuals who are poor, elderly, homeless, unemployed, or discriminated against in society because of gender, race, or other biases.
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She became good friends with Noel Coward after appearing on Broadway and in London in "Sail Away,'' playing that harassed cruise-ship social director.
In addition to the equity golf course, the gated, age-qualified community designed for active adults over the age of 55 will also include an expansive clubhouse featuring an auditorium, restaurant, computer lab and a full-time social director.
In 1978 she moved to the Wexford Village apartment complex in Worcester, and was hired as Social Director for the clubhouse.
Later he worked as an actor, a social director at summer camps and a director of amateur theatrical groups -- all the time writing plays and hoping for his big break.
Alesha Badgley, social director of the Stone County Rehabilitation Centre, recalled him waking up.
She's the one who takes the kids turned away by other foster parents, said Maria Gordillo, social director of the Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club.
PlanetAll acts as a "cyber concierge" and "virtual social director," instantly providing members with current contact information for friends and business associates regardless of location, alerting them when a friend is coming to town or when they cross paths while traveling, reminding members of special occasions and linking them to a virtual mall to shop for an appropriate gift, and much more.
asked Steve Martinez, social director of Pacoima-based Communities in Schools, which works with youths to prevent street violence.
Las Vegas embraces the valley's growth and provides singles in southern Nevada with a social director and event coordinator.
Emma Kate has tackled many jobs in her varied career - a secretary, a model, a social director on a cruise ship in Australia and a tour operator in Turkey.
With that, the unofficial social director of the club walked to the piano with a request.
Kids who don't have a (criminal) record are complaining that police are pulling them over and searching them, searching their cars,'' said Steve Martinez, social director for Communities in Schools, a nonprofit Pacoima-based dropout prevention program that instituted a gang peace treaty in 1993.

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