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The act of lawfully assuming the parental rights and responsibilities of another person, usually a child under age 18, typically due to infertility; 8,000 babies/year enter the US adoption pool, most from underdeveloped countries; about 2% of children < age 18 in the US are adopted.
Health profile Adoptees comprise 5% of children in psychotherapy, 6–9% of those with learning disabilities, 10–15% of those in residential treatment or psychiatric hospitals.
Medical problems in international adoptees
• Infections Giardia lamblia, Trichuris trichiura, Blastocystis hominis, tuberculosis, HBV, chronic diarrhoea, poor hygiene
• Medical problems Neurologic, haematologic, renal, metabolic
• Psychological Sensory deprivation and/or physical abuse by care-givers
• Nutrition Malnutrition, rickets


Social medicine The act of lawfully assuming the parental rights and responsibilities of another person, usually a child under the age of 18; the care and nurturing of a child by a non-blood-related adult who assumes the roles, rights, and obligations of a natural parent; 2% of children < age 18–US are adopted–± 1 million. See Cooperative adoption, Designated adoption, Independent adoption, Infant adoption, Informal adoption, Open adoption, Relative adoption, Semiadoption, Simple adoption, Traditional adoption, Transracial adoption, Wrongful adoption, Zygote adoption.
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In this overview of sectarian violence in Ulster, Sean Farrell argues that traditional economic and social considerations do not provide a sufficient picture of the conflicts between Protestants, loyalists, and Catholics.
"Pressure tactics aside, becoming FSC certified is going to improve forestry practices with the end goal of bringing it in line with social considerations and environmental interests.
Conoco issued its first sustainable growth report earlier this year to show how the company creates value for shareholders while maintaining respect for environmental and social considerations. Conoco said it has been guided by the basic tenets of sustainability for decades, as demonstrated by its commitment to core values of excellence in safety and occupational health, environmental stewardship, valuing all people and conducting business in an ethical manner.
Halakhic responses to changed social considerations, particularly regarding women and questions of personal status, new technologies and discoveries, and attitudes to non-Jews are considered in depth.
Although the EGP complicates these familiar areas of concern, studies of genetic influences on environmental response also introduce other less familiar ethical and social considerations. These concerns will become more prominent as research in environmental genomics expands and information on common genetic hypersensitivities becomes more widely available.
Andrew Ross, TCPA policy officer said: "This report shows that social considerations have not been adequately addressed in the past by urban regeneration programmes.
The goal is to develop a database of suppliers who practice sustainable forest product management ("sustainability," according to the council's definition, gives economic, environmental, and social considerations equal weight).
Housing is too often decontextualized in policy discussion, treated as property that is detachable from economic, political, and social considerations. Such consideration only exacerbates the ideological contradictions so evident in homesteading's legacy.
Many past management decisions in cities have been made on the basis of economic and social considerations, without much attention to the ecological impacts.
Rather, it is a preliminary field assessment of farmers' responses relative to a select set of social considerations. The names of the farmers contacted were supplied by NRCS District Conservationists and State Staff Foresters.
The authors conclude with three chapters on human factors, social considerations, and the future.

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