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, pl.


(stā'dē-ŭm, -dē-ă),
Obsolete term for a stage in the course of a disease, especially of an acute pyretic disease.
[L. fr. G. stadion, a fixed standard length]
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(sta'de-um) [Gr. stadion, alteration]
A stage or period in the progress of a disease. See: fastigium

stadium sudoris

The sweating stage of a paroxysm of malaria.
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The Kraft family is to work with Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) to finance a soccer stadium in Boston.
At the Port Said soccer stadium many spectators were crushed after the match between Cairo's Al Ahly and local team al-Masri.
At least 22 people have died in a rampage by protesters angry at the sentencing of 21 people to death over a soccer stadium disaster, amid a wave of bloody unrest posing a challenge for Egypt's new Islamist rulers.
The Blues have a six-year history and are going to a soccer stadium.
Celtic's home is now Scotland's biggest soccer stadium, hosting 61,000 - an obvious advantage over archrivals Rangers (51,000).
Sophomore Lauren Wright scored for the Holy Cross women's soccer team in a 2-1 loss to New Hampshire in the season opener for both teams at HC's Linda Johnson Smith Soccer Stadium.
Before the bishops' conference meeting, Benedict will meet with young people in Sao Paulo's Pacaembu soccer stadium, which holds 37,500 people, and visit a fazenda da esperanca, a Franciscan-run "farm of hope" that ministers to recovering drug and alcohol addicts.
Eighth Wonder, a Las Vegas casino developer vying to build Singapore's second casino-resort, unveiled a proposal that included wedding pavilions designed by Vera Wang and a soccer stadium named after soccer legend Pel?, the Wall Street Journal reports.
New Jersey statewide and local officials joined AEG, one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world, and Red Bull GmbH, producer of the world's leading energy drink, to officially begin construction of Red Bull Park, a 25,000-seat soccer stadium to be developed as part of a $200 million public-private partnership project with the Town of Harrison and Hudson County.
Sherwin-Williams also has been active in helping to restore public architecture, like the Morumbi soccer stadium in Sao Paulo.
The Fan Park opens on June 9 at Millennium Point, Birmingham, and England Beach Soccer will be setting up camp throughout the 2006 FIFA World Cup at the FC T-Mobile Beach Soccer Stadium.