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F., 20th-century Italian pediatric surgeon. See: Soave operation.
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Bolla's Tufaie Soave Superiore adds depth and complexity to their line of offerings.
0' master class seeks not only to educate but to excite key trade and media about Soave and its Crus by presenting the region's most distinguished wines in an engaging, hands-on format," says Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein.
Soave is made from the garganega grape, and is grown in the Veneto region of Italy, also home to the famous red, valpolicella.
The best Soaves - and you need to choose carefully - are verdant straw yellow in color exhibiting white flower and almond tones backed by moderate acidity.
In January 2010, when Soave wanted to get out of the business, A-B tried to buy Soave's 70% interest.
Soave describes the car as a "lifestyle vehicle," and hastens to point out that while it is small--it has an overall length of 139.
Recommended with creamy pasta sauces and white meats, it has certainly taken over from Soave.
To see what he means the Cantina's Soave Passo Avanti is available at Waitrose (pounds 6.
Soave Enterprises plans on opening additional Parts Galore outlets in Michigan and Ohio, with sites in Cleveland and Toledo already being scouted.
75, the 2003 Anselmi San Vincenzo, a new-style, premium soave.
49 [pounds sterling] for an entry level Soave and Sangiovese, and 5.
Johnson will retain her affiliation with Soave Enterprises, where she advises and counsels the various companies on all aspects of environmental and regulatory matters--a role she has held since 1988.