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F., 20th-century Italian pediatric surgeon. See: Soave operation.
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Patients in the observation group were treated by laparoscopic modified Soave operation according to the following procedures.
The main grape variety in Soave white wines is garganega and it brings notes of almond, white flowers and lemon.
Helping these young people is one of the greatest missions imaginable," Soave said.
The quality of the wine has a lot do with where the it comes from within Soave, whether it's made with grapes from the hills which are regarded as better) or the flat plains.
The best wanes come from the Soave Classico zone, which consists mostly of hillside vineyards.
The best Soaves - and you need to choose carefully - are verdant straw yellow in color exhibiting white flower and almond tones backed by moderate acidity.
In January 2010, when Soave wanted to get out of the business, A-B tried to buy Soave's 70% interest.
Soave describes the car as a "lifestyle vehicle," and hastens to point out that while it is small--it has an overall length of 139.
Recommended with creamy pasta sauces and white meats, it has certainly taken over from Soave.
ADPnews) - Dec 28, 2009 - Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev (EBR:ABI) has acquired distributorship City Beverage-Illinois from Soave Enterprises.
Victory 1's win means Sanchez and Al Muhairi now lead the world standings on 36pts, five ahead of team-mates Bin Hindi and Al Zafein on 31 with Giampiero Soave and Giampaolo Montavoci in third on 18 points.
Zeno Soave, chairman and CEO of the Socotherm Group, said the contract is part of an agreement calling for Socotherm to work in partnership with Statoil to provide coating needs in the North Sea and abroad.