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For every 10 snug photos uploaded and shared on Facebook through Nov.
And despite being a nation of "tech-lovers" - with many Brits opting to book their winter snugs online - cosy pastimes and traditional yuletide festivities take precedence over WiFi connection when it comes to downing tools over the Christmas period.
Personally from my own point of view and a non-smoker's view, I think maybe we should have a slight re-think by way of bringing back the snugs and rid the doorways of a disgusting, unsightly sight being the smoke-inhaling addicts along with their discarded remnants.
When pubs had snugs (and pianos) the ale and ambience were the attractions.
Even though I am a pensioner and am not in need of said facility, I know of many old folk who would visit, just as my nan used to, their local, were the snug was in situ.