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Drug slang A regional term for cocaine
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(Nipponanthemum nipponicum) THERE'S something crisp and uplifting about white flowers in the autumnal garden - a few weeks back I was praising the Japanese anemone for its snowwhite purity.
I've been fortunate enough to dine in some swanky restaurants in my time, the kind with crisp, snowwhite cotton serviettes that have a higher thread count than my bedding.
Comments: As the most important basis for cosmetics, we recently developed the next generation of petrola turn: Snowwhite Sublime XS.
Our collection includes three superb varieties, all offering large clusters of fragrant, bold blooms: Pina Colada, with snowwhite heads (H: 40cm); Blue Boy, with beautiful, lilac-blue flowers (H: 100cm); and Watermelon, boasting bright salmon-pink flowers with small and dainty white eyes (H: 40cm).
When the princes that saved Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and SnowWhite (mentioned in ballads as the generic "Prince Charming") are rejected by said princesses, they band together to battle an evil witch.
Kristen Stewart with Chris Hemsworth in action/adventure film Snowwhite and The showing
These were then dressed it in a beautiful coat of snowwhite paint, and the gleaming brass was protected with clear automotive urethane.
A snowwhite rontgen shows him the truth, the body the things re-entered into one and the same carcass.
TONIC: SnowWhite and Dopey cheer up patient Zac Dean, aged 3, during their visit to Alder hey hospital Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
Not to be confused with the mango, mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) has been called the "queen of fruits." Beneath its thick, deep red rind are triangular sections of snowwhite, juicy, soft flesh that is mildly acidic, yet luscious.
THE lady with snowwhite hair buffeted by winds blowing from America cups her hands gently around the vivid blade of light.
King of Japan, whose lofty jet they say at times assumed the semblance of a snowwhite cross against the sky?