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Imaging chest A descriptive term for the grainy or ground-glass appearance on a plain AP film—DiffDx Extensive metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid—or by ultrasonography in patients with severe fat embolism, which corresponds to diffuse pulmonary infiltrates—DiffDx Molar pregnancy
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This motivated our exploratory inquiry about how heavy winter precipitation events overall, and heavy snowstorms in particular, have changed in the mid-Atlantic region due to long-term climate change.
Blizzards, with their very strong winds, are the most severe kind of snowstorms.
What with our floods and America's snowstorms, Mother Nature truly has a lot to answer for.
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued an alert for snowstorms, calling for the maintenance of roads, railways and telecommunication facilities.
Situation will remain critical in many regions as the snowstorm on Friday has also caused power failures across the country, most of which are now fixed.
The calamity is the worst snowstorms that parts of the Levant have seen in 80 years.
RUSSIA saw a white Christmas yesterday as a massive snowstorm in Moscow caused delays to more than 150 flights and brought traffic to a standstill.
snowstorm believed to have been triggered by the Cyclone Hudhud in
He might just find that running in a snowstorm actually is invigorating.
Snowstorms can occur in the Aspen area at nearly any time of the year even in late spring and early fall.
Minister of Agriculture Akef Zu'bi said on Tuesday that 60 percent of olive trees in the mountainous region, northwest of Amman, were damaged during the blizzard, one of the worst snowstorms on record to hit the Middle East.
At least nine people have lost their lives as a result of the snowstorms and freezing temperatures.