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Imaging chest A descriptive term for the grainy or ground-glass appearance on a plain AP film—DiffDx Extensive metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid—or by ultrasonography in patients with severe fat embolism, which corresponds to diffuse pulmonary infiltrates—DiffDx Molar pregnancy
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China's meteorological authority on Sunday renewed a blue alert, the lowest level in a four-tier warning system, for snowstorms in the north of the country.
Millions of Syrians have been affected by the conflict and the snowstorms have made life more challenging and difficult for them.
The snowstorm began early yesterday and the Russian Meteorological Office said it expects up to four inches of snow to fall in Moscow in a single day.
Even a minor snowstorm could put the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport at risk of failing to meet F rules, if one of the two current brooms were to stop servicing for any length of time.
A state of emergency was declared in New York and New Jersey with the public warned to stay indoors as the snowstorm dubbed Hercules swept across the country.
Ramallah: During the last snowstorm which hit the region, Palestine lost about one third of its deer.
But the great snowstorms were followed by a hard frost, hampering efforts to reopen rail lines and roads.
UK passengers make up a sizeable proportion of the thousands that are stranded in the US after massive snowstorms forced the grounding of all transatlantic flights scheduled for the area.
Many flights were cancelled in Toronto, some of them due to snowstorms in parts of the US.
Most big east coast snowstorms cross this point as they move towards the northeastern U.
The road here is 1328 feet above sea level and is known for sudden snowstorms and downpours.
Dello noted that, on rare occasions, March snowstorms can last a lot longer than Wednesday's.