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Imaging breast A descriptive term for the ultrasonographic appearance of breast tissue surrounding a ruptured silicon breast implant, which is associated with silicone granulomas that that impart a dirty shadowing appearance by ultrasonography in extracapsular breast silicone leaks
Imaging chest A descriptive term for the grainy or ground-glass appearance on a plain AP film—DiffDx Extensive metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid—or by ultrasonography in patients with severe fat embolism, which corresponds to diffuse pulmonary infiltrates—DiffDx Molar pregnancy
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slightly roseSaturday, the snowstorm mostly subsided except on areas with
Snowstorm will be themed, encouraging attendees to don their best all-white outfits to celebrate the cold season and the hottest beats.
TWC points out that February has been a big month for snowstorms in recent years.
2010, 170 people died and 125 were injured as a result of heavy snowstorms and avalanches that hit the Russian-built tunnel.
29 snowstorm that felled tree limbs and power lines, Central Massachusetts has done little in the way of shoveling or shivering.
PARKY3 King penguins trek in snowstorm HAT'S FUNNY J Two Little Men won plants and fungi section EGGSELENT SHOT J Winning snap of a cuckoo stealing an egg BY A WHISKER A deep water lava in pic called A Perfect Hairstyle
Up to 22 inches of snow was expected to fall by Sunday morning in the Baltimore-Washington area, more than any snowstorm to hit the region since February 2003.
Iberia also reported that it will hand over all necessary information to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works to assist in an enquiry into the airline relating to incidents caused by the snowstorm and icy conditions, as well as labour conflicts with pilots that have been ongoing since early December 2008.
30 at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Atlanta, enables scientists to rank each snowstorm affecting the northeastern United States according to amount of its snowfall, the size of the region it covers, and the population of the affected area.
Her quinze anos, the important coming-of-age party for Brazilian young women, takes place after a challenging snowstorm and exciting snowmobile pursuit.
Even a snowstorm in Westfir couldn't stop these avid bikers around 1920.
Westminster Management staff at The Willows apartment complex, Barrington Fire Department personnel, and several local businesses teamed up to fight the effects of Mother Nature following the Presidents' Day snowstorm.