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Imaging breast A descriptive term for the ultrasonographic appearance of breast tissue surrounding a ruptured silicon breast implant, which is associated with silicone granulomas that that impart a dirty shadowing appearance by ultrasonography in extracapsular breast silicone leaks
Imaging chest A descriptive term for the grainy or ground-glass appearance on a plain AP film—DiffDx Extensive metastatic carcinoma of the thyroid—or by ultrasonography in patients with severe fat embolism, which corresponds to diffuse pulmonary infiltrates—DiffDx Molar pregnancy
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Moscow [Russia], Feb 5 ( ANI ): One person died and five others were injured after Moscow experienced a record-breaking snowstorm.
In a statement issued on Friday, Emirates announced a list of flights that were delayed or cancelled due to the severe snowstorm at New York JFK airport
Heavy snowstorm statistics derived from parallel climate experiments, one subjected to current climate conditions, the other subjected to conditions of the late nineteenth century, indicate a 52% decrease in the relative risk of experiencing a heavy snowstorm.
That will be the first substantial snowstorm at the pass this fall, although in late October an early snowstorm left several inches of snow at the pass that largely melted in the following days.
com/giraffe-giving-birth-live-cam-will-aprils-labor-be-effected-new-york-snowstorm-stella-2507373) READ:  Will April's Labor Be Effected By New York Snowstorm Stella?
5 million if exploration activities at Snowstorm result in defining a minimum of 5 million ounces (oz) of gold resources compliant with National Instrument 43-101; and a further cash payment of $5 million on the delineation of an additional 5 million oz of gold resources.
Then, they were asked to read a scenario composed of three major cues, each with two different situations: the government had (had not) accurately released warning information about the snowstorm 1 month previously, the government had (had not) promptly launched an emergency plan, and people had eventually suffered (had not suffered) losses or injuries during the snowstorm.
The President's action makes federal funding available to District and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency protective measures taken in response to the snowstorm.
Further precautionary instructions by the Jordanian authorities will depend on how severe the snowstorm is.
We have not incurred any losses yet but I made a few calls to farmers to ask them to take precautions ahead of tomorrow's expected snowstorm," he told The Daily Star.
lt;BPeople walk through snow in the grounds of the Blue Mosque after a snowstorm yesterday in Istanbul, Turkey.
aftermath of the currently subsiding snowstorm that pummeled the regionon