Snoopy Cap

A popular NASA term referring to the headgear worn by American astronauts which houses cushioned earphones and a microphone for two-way communication when outside of the space craft
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(From Friday) MARKING 50 years since the moon landing, this out-of-this-world exhibition includes 180 amazing artefacts, ranging from a Snoopy cap communications carrier worn by Buzz Aldrin to lunar samples, as well art films and comics inspired by the space race.
Fifty years since the first moon landing, this exhibition tells the story of the space race through 180 artefacts - from lunar samples to Buzz Aldrin's "Snoopy cap" headset - as well artwork, books and comics.
To their side is the slightly yellowed "Snoopy Cap" (formally known as a "communications carrier") worn by crewmate Buzz Aldrin.
He played an essential part in the design of the communication system for the famous Snoopy Cap which Neil Armstrong used to speak from the Moon.
Affectionately called the 'Snoopy Cap', it had an elastic headband and teflon sides to hold the mouthpieces and headphones.