Sniffer Dog

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A dog trained to identify by scent certain contraband materials—e.g., firearms, explosives, gypsy moths, chemicals used in arson, plants, currency/cash, illicit drugs, polycarbonate optical disks—bootleg DVDs—human remains, plant and animal tissues, etc.
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At the rear of the shop, inside a small storeroom, the sniffer dog indicated the presence of tobacco.
A senior trainer tells The Express Tribune that the Special Branch is the first department to establish a school for sniffer dogs in 2010 after the Pakistan Army.
"I then brought the sniffer dog, which found two kilos of hashish in the boot of the car."
The yard of the SGA dog section headquarters near the Inland Container Depot is in used daily for training guard and sniffer dogs. The chief trainer and his team start with playful puppies, and in 12 months of dedicated work, turn them into good guard dogs.
On neither of those occasions was a specialist tobacco sniffer dog used.
EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY Dixie the sniffer dog with her latest offering of bootleg DVDs
At the Calgary Greyhound bus terminal, a trained sniffer dog detected a large quantity of illegal drugs in Kang-Brown's bag.
Border Force officers found the boy and his covert travelling companions after Alfie, the sniffer dog working the port, detected a scent and officers swooped.
WEST Yorkshire Police's sniffer dog team has welcomed two new recruits to the force.
Summary: A British army sniffer dog which holds the record for finding the most weapons and homemade bombs in Afghanistan has died.
POLICE have employed a sniffer dog to raid buses in Coventry after complaints about passengers smoking cannabis.
On August 12, sniffer dog Max discovered pounds 28,000 in pounds 50 notes hidden inside video cassette cases in a briefcase of a passenger bound for Yemen who about to board a connecting flight to Dubai.