subcorneal pustular dermatitis

(redirected from Sneddon-Wilkinson disease)

sub·cor·ne·al pus·tu·lar der·ma·to·sis

a pruritic chronic annular eruption of sterile vesicles and pustules beneath the stratum corneum.

subcorneal pustular dermatitis

An idiopathic relapsing pustulous dermatosis, which is more common in women (female:male ratio, 4:1) above age 40, and characterised by pustular lesions on the axillae, groins, abdomen, below the breasts, the flexor aspects of the extremities and, less commonly, of palmoplantar surfaces.

Dermatitis herpetiformis.
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Our case showed severe BP in a middle-aged man that made us think of an underlying neoplas-tic disorder or other more rare blistering diseases such as epider-molysis bullosa acquisita (EBA) or Sneddon-Wilkinson disease, which was excluded during the investigations.
Our patient had some clinical events, suggesting other blister-ing disorders such as Sneddon-Wilkinson disease or acute gener-alized erythematous pustulosis, which were ruled out on the ba-sis of histology and immunofluorescence findings.