Snake Blood

In Asia, fresh blood from snakes, especially if venomous, is said to provide various health benefits
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It was red, and we all called it "snake blood." They would not tell us what was in it, but it sure looked and smelled like it had Marvel Mystery Oil in it.
When he refuses to help, she seeks out chemist Lancelot Choice, whose viper wine, a cordial distilled from snake blood, is said to invigorate the skin and restore youth.
In China, there are a lot of cases of human sparganosis caused by eating raw meat of snakes and frogs, drinking snake blood, and swallowing snake gall bladder [16].
Lorraine Sinclair, the new executive chef at the Fairmont Dubai hotel, shares some of the lessons she's learned through her jet-setting career working across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, including keeping an open mind when it comes to serving snake blood:
I resisted the shots of snake blood and snake meat snacks and I'll let you decide what the huge jars of whisked up turtle eggs and snake testicles are supposed to cure.
One runner up in the pageant did just that before rubbing her delicately manicured hands in the snake blood and leaving handprints on the wall as a record.
Snake blood is also available to sip here, and is deemed by the locals to be a great aphrodisiac and virility-booster.
An Indonesian man drank animal and snake blood as part of a magic ritual he said would jinx the November visit of US President George Bush.
SNAKE BLOOD: Harvested from cobras, this beverage is revered in Thailand for its medicinal powers.
POP Factory presenter Steve Jones has drunk moonshine with the Hillbillies, downed snake blood in one and been clobbered by a bull.
SPICE up your love life with concoctions from asparagus and celery to X-rated pine nuts and snake blood. Packed with recipes and research.
Everywhere you turn is an eye-opener here - taking an early morning stroll in the city's Lumphini Park I had to look twice as vendors set up tables selling fresh snake blood and bile.