smooth surface

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smooth sur·face

(smūdh sŭrfăs)
Proximal, buccal, and lingual areas of teeth.
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All of the blends resulted in a relatively smooth surface texture, with the finer blends being the smoothest;
Consequently, the outer roller usually has a smooth surface to support an air film and the inner roller has a grooved surface to bleed off the air film.
Although any method for doing so can only generate a small subset of all possible smooth surfaces, we believe that the surfaces produced by the following method are both realistic enough and varied enough to provide good insight into the effect of unknown concurvity on the GAM estimation process.
There were two trials for robot 1's performance on smooth surface, two trails for the performance on a rough surface.
In order to investigate the drag reduction characteristic about BNSS, oil flow visualization test between two BNSS and one smooth surface model were made in low speed wind tunnel.
VC toolholder, operating at up to 40,000rpm, offers the ultimate in high-speed, high-accuracy, and ultra smooth surface finishes.
Also, DMLS utilizes 20 micron powder, which allows building with very thin layers, resulting in parts with a smooth surface.
She charged the traps a few times and didn't get one of her best breaks, as Smooth Surface was off to her usual good start and dashed to the bend in front of Girl With Guitar and Shelbourne Becky.
According to Huntsman, TRW elected to build prototype valve bodies using stereolithography and RenShape SL 7560 because the opaque white photopolymer is an ABS-like material that produces parts with a high-gloss, smooth surface that looks as if it were injection molded on a precision-cut metal tool.
Working with glass artists SWON (Orest Tataryn, Alfred Engerer and Andrey Berezowsky), he evolved a translucent wall of glass: a waterfall that reflects light onto the smooth surface of the water which ends with a negative edge so that the pool seems to be a piece of lake inexplicably lofted up onto the slope.
This free-flowing additive concentrate produces uniform matting and a smooth surface feel in waterborne coatings and provides good antiblocking, increased scratch resistance and easy handling.