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agyria. adj., adj lissencephal´ic.
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Congenital lack or underdevelopment of the convolutional pattern of the cerebral cortex.
[G. a- priv. + gyros, circle]
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Neurology A brain malformation that is isolated or associated with other syndromes–eg, Miller-Dieker syndrome, Norman-Roberts syndrome, characterized by absence–agyria or incomplete development–pachygyria of cerebral gyri Clinical Microcephaly, seizures, profound mental retardation, feeding difficulties, growth retardation, impaired motor activity
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James Q., U.S. physician.
Miller-Dieker syndrome - arrested brain development. Synonym(s): lissencephaly; Norman-Roberts syndrome
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"Smooth brain" organoids reveal defects in stem cells key to human brain development
"But she got too big and I can't do that any more." It is unknown why Millie developed lissencephaly, which means "smooth brain".
The results also explain the shapes of a multitude of mammal brains ranging from the ultrawrinkled dolphin brain to the smooth brain of manatees, says study coauthor Suzana Herculano-Houzel.
Rebecca's condition - which means smooth brain - meant she had severe delays in her development and struggled with rolling, sitting and balancing.
Grace was born with an extremely rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly, or Smooth Brain Disorder, which means that although her body will develop, mentally she will never grow up.
At just five weeks, the smooth brain begins to fold into the familiar surface convolutions that ingeniously add surface area for more brain cells.
Both boys have lissencephaly (smooth brain), microcephaly (small head), profound mental retardation, seizure disorder, spasticity, and cortical blindness.
Her condition -which means smooth brain -meant she had severe delays in her development and struggled with rolling, sitting and balancing.
Alexis has lissencephaly (smooth brain), microcephaly (abnormally small head), and cortical blindness.
If a mutation in the gene blocks their formation, a newborn will suffer from a severe form of mental retardation caused by lissencephaly, or "smooth brain" disease.
Lissencephaly, which means smooth brain, is so rare that the doctors at James Cook had to send for a specialist from Newcastle because none of them had ever come across it before.
Madison has lissencephaly (smooth brain), cortical visual impairments, and a seizure disorder.