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A US Army code name for the test detonation of a thermonuclear device in August 1957 during Operation Plumbbob; the soldiers who were intentionally exposed to radioactive fallout later had an increased risk of leukaemia
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For more information about MobileBrochure or the Smokies To Go web app, visit www.
But the spokeswoman warned that the process of legalising smokies is likely to take a number of years.
A FSA spokeswoman said: "If agreed, this would help to eliminate the driver for the current illegal production of smokies that carries food safety risks to consumers and requires considerable enforcement activity.
Smokies, which were first made in the 19th century, are the most famous thing to come out of Arbroath - with the exception of the declaration of Scottish independence.
Legalising smokies will be at the expense of other products in Wales.
Arbroath businessman Bob Spink said: "If it's not got string it ain't the Smokie and it's not the genuine article.
A number that was zero less than a decade ago has now risen to over 120 total adult elk in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, according to Visit My Smokies.
The Fellowship Smokies are being produced by local fish merchants Stuart and Audrey Scott of Stuart's Fresh Fish.
LEGALISING smokies will help to stem the flow of illegal bush meat through British borders, says the National Sheep Association.
Smokies -- sheep cooked by having their skins scorched with a blow torch -- hit the headlines in 2002 when eight men were sentenced at Swansea Crown Court for selling the West African delicacy.
Carmello Gale last night revealed he had been invited to a secret government meeting about legalising the market for meat smokies.
Oblivious to all this name calling, our tree in the Smokies kept on growing and dropping tens of thousands of acorns in the hopes that a few would enjoy its luck and success.