Smith-Indian operation

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Smith-In·di·an op·er·a·tion

a surgical technique for removal of cataract within the capsule.
Synonym(s): Smith operation

Smith-In·di·an op·er·a·tion

, Smith operation (smith-in'dē-ăn op-ĕr-ā'shŭn)
A surgical technique for removal of a cataract within the capsule.


Henry, Irish-born English military surgeon in India, 1862-1948.
Smith cataract extraction
Smith cataract knife
Smith eye speculum
Smith hook
Smith intraocular implant lens
Smith lens
Smith lens expressor
Smith lid expressor
Smith lid retracting hook
Smith operation - Synonym(s): Smith-Indian operation
Smith orbital floor implant
Smith-Indian operation - a surgical technique for removal of cataract within the capsule. Synonym(s): Smith operation
Smith-Leiske cross-action intraocular lens forceps
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