Smith-Petersen, Marius N.

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Marius N., U.S. surgeon, 1886-1953.
Smith ankle prosthesis
Smith bone clamp
Smith clamp
Smith dislocation
Smith drill
Smith flexor pollicis longus abductor plasty
Smith fracture
Smith physical capacities evaluation
Smith prosthesis
Smith scissors
Smith STA-peg
Smith technique
Smith-Petersen acromioplasty
Smith-Petersen approach
Smith-Petersen cannulated nail
Smith-Petersen capsule retractor
Smith-Petersen cervical fusion
Smith-Petersen chisel
Smith-Petersen cup
Smith-Petersen cup arthroplasty
Smith-Petersen curved gouge
Smith-Petersen curved osteotome
Smith-Petersen fracture pin
Smith-Petersen hammer
Smith-Petersen hemiarthroplasty
Smith-Petersen hip cup prosthesis
Smith-Petersen incision
Smith-Petersen laminectomy rongeur
Smith-Petersen mallet
Smith-Petersen nail - a flanged nail for pinning a fracture of the neck of the femur.
Smith-Petersen nail with Lloyd adapter
Smith-Petersen osteotome
Smith-Petersen osteotomy
Smith-Petersen pin
Smith-Petersen plate
Smith-Petersen prosthesis
Smith-Petersen reamer
Smith-Petersen rongeur
Smith-Petersen sacroiliac joint fusion
Smith-Petersen spatula
Smith-Petersen straight gouge
Smith-Petersen straight osteotome
Smith-Petersen synovectomy
Smith-Petersen technique
Smith-Petersen transarticular nail
Smith-Petersen tucker
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In Poland, Schlumberger PowerDrive Archer* high build rate rotary steerable system technology with customized Smith drill bits were used to build inclination from vertical to horizontal in a complex-geometry well in the Lubocino field for Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG).
In Russia, the integration of Drilling & Measurements PowerDrive* rotary steerable technology, M-I SWACO MEGADRILL* system, and Smith drill bits achieved a new Russian drilling record for LUKOIL with the longest 8 1/2-in section in a single run with the highest average rate of penetration.
On another well in the Nizhne-Kamenskoe field, the combination of Smith Neyrfor* turbodrilling systems and customized Smith drill bits helped decrease drilling times in one hole section by 133%.
A combination of Drilling & Measurements PowerDrive X6* rotary steerable technology with specifically designed Smith drill bit and engineered jars drilled a 1,990-m sidetrack with a complex 3D well path.
On one well, the PowerDrive vorteX* powered rotary steerable system and customized Smith drill bit were assisted by Schlumberger rate of penetration optimization software to reach the total depth nearly 10 days ahead of schedule, setting the field's highest daily meterage.
In Brazil, integration of Drilling Group technologies including the PowerV vertical drilling system, RHELIANT* synthetic-based drilling fluids and customized Smith drill bits helped Shell reduce the drilling time of two presalt wells in the Santos Basin by 15 days.
Smart work by Ezra McIntosh and man-of-the-match Jamie Towers saw Marc Smith drill the ball home to give Marconi a ninth-minute lead and Towers made it 2-0 on the hour when a McIntosh cross was knocked down and he floated the ball into the top corner from the edge of the area.
Crewe, whose only chance in the first half saw Shaun Smith drill a free-kick just wide of the post, brought on striker Steve Anthrobus at the interval only to see him waste the home side's best chance.
132,424 $109,535 Smith Drill Bits 38,568 35,787 Smith Diamond 7,776 5,037 Smith Drilling and Completion Services 27,208 23,051 Total $205,976 $173,410
254,791 $146,934 Smith Drill Bits 81,231 73,415 Smith Diamond 16,178 10,168 Smith Drilling and Completion Services 53,379 43,655 Total $405,579 $274,172
Revenues and net income for the first three months of 1995 increased from the first three months of 1994 due to the inclusion of a full quarter of results in 1995 from acquisitions and the continued improved performance from the Smith Drill Bits, Smith Diamond and Smith Drilling and Completion Services units.