Smith-Petersen, Marius N.

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Marius N., U.S. surgeon, 1886-1953.
Smith ankle prosthesis
Smith bone clamp
Smith clamp
Smith dislocation
Smith drill
Smith flexor pollicis longus abductor plasty
Smith fracture
Smith physical capacities evaluation
Smith prosthesis
Smith scissors
Smith STA-peg
Smith technique
Smith-Petersen acromioplasty
Smith-Petersen approach
Smith-Petersen cannulated nail
Smith-Petersen capsule retractor
Smith-Petersen cervical fusion
Smith-Petersen chisel
Smith-Petersen cup
Smith-Petersen cup arthroplasty
Smith-Petersen curved gouge
Smith-Petersen curved osteotome
Smith-Petersen fracture pin
Smith-Petersen hammer
Smith-Petersen hemiarthroplasty
Smith-Petersen hip cup prosthesis
Smith-Petersen incision
Smith-Petersen laminectomy rongeur
Smith-Petersen mallet
Smith-Petersen nail - a flanged nail for pinning a fracture of the neck of the femur.
Smith-Petersen nail with Lloyd adapter
Smith-Petersen osteotome
Smith-Petersen osteotomy
Smith-Petersen pin
Smith-Petersen plate
Smith-Petersen prosthesis
Smith-Petersen reamer
Smith-Petersen rongeur
Smith-Petersen sacroiliac joint fusion
Smith-Petersen spatula
Smith-Petersen straight gouge
Smith-Petersen straight osteotome
Smith-Petersen synovectomy
Smith-Petersen technique
Smith-Petersen transarticular nail
Smith-Petersen tucker
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His team and their families had partied on Sunday night and yesterday Smith clamped his hands around a mug of coffee as though his life depended on it.
They were the second-placed side and had only lost three games all year." Guards Penny Mason and Simon Smith clamped down on Bristol's backcourt and forward Joel Madourie came up with some big plays.
SCRAPPED: Unlicensed cars may now be crushed; GETTING TOUGH: Angela Smith clamps the famous film car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang yesterday as a warning to tax dodgers