William, English obstetrician, 1698-1763. See: Smellie scissors.
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Singing was the last exercise in the afternoon, and Minnie Smellie chose Shall we Gather at the River?
Unison Scotland deputy convenor Stephen Smellie told the crowd: "What is being done in our name is not in our name.
Chief Justice of the Cayman Islands Anthony Smellie wrote in a ruling confirming the appointment of controllers for the bank by CIMA and rejecting an application by the sole shareholder to put bank into voluntary liquidation that the action by CIMA was--quoting arguments advanced by CIMA's legal counsel--because of "evidence of attempts by officers of the bank to transfer funds away to a related party" and the "doubtful solvency of the bank";
Specialist Practice of the Year: Jane Smellie Opticians
Core Broadband CEO, Neil Smellie stated that "We searched for an innovative LTE solution that was cost effective and enabled Broadband enhancement in a rural environment with the strictest of performance requirements.
Special mentions for French swimmer Fanny Babou, Canadian runner Gavin Smellie, high flying South Korean pole vaulter Yoo Suk and - of course - Brazil's incredible footballer Hulk.
Stephen Smellie, secretary of South Lanarkshire's Unison branch, said: "We don't think these packages are right and we don't think officials should be on five-year contracts.
Finally, the paper by Robertson, Smellie, Wilson, & Cox points to the importance of reflection on the dynamics around congruence and conflict between learning styles.
This stereotype was so common that, late in the century, William Smellie felt he had to account for it in his Philosophy of Natural History.
Sgt Delroy Smellie, 47, left two gruesome bruises on Nicola Fisher during last April's violent demo.
Metropolitan Police Sergeant Delroy Smellie, 47, walked free from court and was reinstated within hours almost exactly a year after the clash.