William, English obstetrician, 1698-1763. See: Smellie scissors.
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Singing was the last exercise in the afternoon, and Minnie Smellie chose Shall we Gather at the River?
There were Hunter brothers, William and , who developed modern etrics in the 18th Century, William Smellie, working in 700s, wrote the textbook on to deliver a baby and made birth much more scientific safer for women.
When Frank achieved 50 years of service in 2007, previous owner Marshall Smellie praised him as "the most dependable and conscientious worker".
*** Mr and Mrs Smellie, from Ashfield, received a letter from their son, Thomas, saying he had been awarded a Military Medal.
Canadian sprinter Gavin Smellie came third with 10.17 seconds.
The Honourable Anthony Smellie QC (the Chief Justice) dismissed AHAB's $4 billion claim against the Companies due to AHAB's alleged constructive knowledge of Maan Al Sanea's fraud.
Japheth Smellie and his team will continue to operate from their Southern California location under the direction of Kevin Garvin, head of Gallagher's North American affinity operations.
James Smellie, 12, completed the remarkable feat after watching Ross County's 1-1 draw with Rangers on November 6.
According to managing director and optometrist, Jane Smellie, of Jane Smellie Opticians, AOP Awards 2014 Specialist Practice of the Year, having an understanding of a patient's needs "is crucial.
William Smellie (1762) (8) recommended placing one or two fingers in the anterior or posterior fetal axilla and gentling pulling on the axilla to deliver the body.
Among those nominated are Indigenous poet Pauline Johnson, Canada's first MP, Agnes Macphail, Black community leader and newspaperwoman Mary Ann Shadd, Dene negotiator Thanadelthur, Elizabeth Smellie, the first female colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces, author Margaret Laurence, scientist Maud Abbott, Mohawk leader Molly Brant and hundreds of others.