Smell Test

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A metaphorical test used to determine the legitimacy or authenticity of a situation by using one’s own olfactory sense
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While the conspiracy theorists won't go away on the subject of Burton, Nagy's explanations really do pass the smell test, and Bears fans will now just have to watch and wait for Thursday night.
The smell test, they say, originates from utilising one's olfactory senses to check whether food or any other perishable item is still palatable or has taken a turn for the worse.
Researchers from Michigan State University looked at data on more than 2,200 people in the US who'd taken a smell test in their 70s, with follow-ups over the next 13 years.
It just wasn't of any benefit to the public institution that developed and owned the asset that others were selling, and it didn't pass the smell test with administrators at UAMS who didn't have a direct interest in it.
Part of the study involved completing a smell test of 12 common odours.
The candy smell test: a new test for retronasal olfactory performance.
Circling back to the original question on how to determine what is credible on social media, it can be a simple process of returning to the McManus SMELL test. Start with the "S"--what is the source of the information you are digesting?
Numerous times in 2018, we saw prominent corporations sharply rebuked in the court of public opinion for transactions that might have been legal, but still didn't pass the ethical smell test. Outlandish contracts with unqualified consultants; data sharing with shady third parties; bloated executive compensation.
That apart, Sen also agrees that the back-series data does not pass the basic smell test linked to ground realities.
Is there an official smell test, a "smellometer" perhaps, to discover the limits one can, er, hum in a public building?
And those less looked at Seven persons, twenty-nine fake bank accounts, a small bank with a politically connected president and 35 billion rupees worth of suspicious transactions: surely this does not pass the smell test which is why the FIA has made some arrests.