Smell Test

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A metaphorical test used to determine the legitimacy or authenticity of a situation by using one’s own olfactory sense
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The arrest of Ahad Cheema, a former director general of the Lahore Development Authority, by the National Accountability Bureau for involvement in an alleged housing scheme scam does not pass the smell test.
The fact that they are apparently paying tens of thousands (of dollars) less than the last person earned, combined with trying to hold back on information, seems to indicate this whole issue does not meet the smell test," said Morris, a Democrat and former Waukegan mayor.
I'll just use the smell test no matter what the date says.
The smell test is naturally subjective, but it provides a clear and straightforward result, which, when taken in a set of results of various readings, can be a simple and strong tool of analysis, as happened in the present case.
According to researchers, this simple smell test could provide a quick and inexpensive way to identify those who are already at high risk.
A SIMPLE smell test has been shown to accurately predict a dementia diagnosis five years later.
For President Trump and me, playing by the same regulatory rules today that were put in place after World War II does not pass the smell test, and I am proud to support the commonsense reforms in the Regulatory Accountability Act.
But we need to start applying the smell test more often to those differences of opinion, especially if one side of an argument smells more like what the horse drops.
Consider this step as the self-assessment smell test.
These can be found in roles as varied as interviewing proposed business partners about their own FCPA compliance program, to triaging and then investigating internally reported complaints about potential bribery and corruption, to simply recognizing that an explanation for a transaction does not pass the basic smell test.
Similarly, researchers at the University Florida devised a simple smell test using peanut butter.
Neither Matt Keil nor John Goodson--the University of Arkansas trustee and husband of state Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson--would agree to answer questions, but experts say this one doesn't past the smell test either.