Smell Test

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A metaphorical test used to determine the legitimacy or authenticity of a situation by using one’s own olfactory sense
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The book is an entertaining read, with lots of fascinating information and anecdotes; but as a portrayal of historic truth it fails to pass the smell test.
When you peel back the layers of this onion, you quickly realize removing the tariff doesn't pass the smell test.
People whose biometric data checks out quickly and cleanly, and who pass a general smell test from experienced officers, move on quickly.
Sulfur compounds, which can create an unpleasant taste, were traditionally targeted by a taste or smell test.
The establishment's assertions about Argentina's un-competitiveness fail to pass the smell test, too.
the ranking member of the House Science Committee's Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, sharply rebuked O'Keefe, stating that the socalled independence of the board "did not pass the smell test.
This smell test can be used as an investigative tool or as a diagnostic instrument.
And remember the smell test - pick up the punnet, and if you get a wonderful aroma of sweet strawberries, then 99 per cent of the time they will be perfect.
Invotec offers a simpler smell test, the Olfaction Screen Test.
It wouldn't pass the smell test in any city or town in America.
TEI submits that it is only by airing such proposals - by letting them, quite candidly, pass or flunk the smell test - that Congress can "get it right.
The overall facts simply did not pass the Tax Court's smell test.