Smart Bomb

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A steerable radio-controlled, laser- or satellite-guided bomb designed to precisely hit a target and minimise collateral damage
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We really have the leading technology in a handheld test solution for smart weapons.
Smart Weapons Global Market Forecast by Region and Technology - 2013-2020
Sledge said it's important for the Army to field Excalibur successfully, because the future of field artillery depends on its ability to incorporate smart weapons into the arsenal.
Westcott concluded, "It's going to be a continuing game of cat and mouse; the gain is going to be upped; and you will find that people are no longer willing to buy (unless the price is extremely cheap) the kinds of systems that do not qualify as smart, since they will have to fire ten of them to get the effect of shooting one smart weapon.
There is a strong case to be made for active IR self-protection systems; they provide the only nondepletable and feasible defense against the omnidirectional modern IR-guided missile smart weapon now facing helicopters.
Regional and country-wise segmentation of each products considered in the smart weapons market are detailed in this report along with the recent industrial, technological, and market trends for smart weapons in each region and country.
TechNavio's report, the Global Smart Weapons Market 2014-2018, has been prepared on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
The paper reported that the Lebanese Air Force has expressed an interest in the aforementioned planes since 2009, and was looking into the possibility of arming them with smart weapons.
This is the current state as increasingly smart weapons engage humans (simple example, drones) and cyber system on cyber system launched by humans.
Special attention is paid to the development of smart weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles and the influence they have had on the effectiveness of airpower.
The modification includes a totally redesigned main instrument panel, smart weapons capabilities, and aircraft DC power upgrades.
The successful demonstration supports the Air Force's requirements to field smart weapons that are interoperable with today's platforms and to enhance mission effectiveness by utilizing network-centric and joint operations.