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1. a small appendage, flap, or polyp.
2. label.
radioactive tag radioactive label.


2. A small outgrowth or polyp.
3. In magnetic resonance imaging, a band of saturation that can be followed to detect tissue motion.


1. A small outgrowth or polyp.
2. A label or marker.
1. To label or identify with a tag.
2. To incorporate into a compound a more readily detected substance whereby the compound can be detected and its metabolic or chemical history followed.


Abbreviation for:
T antigen
Technical Advisory Group 
Thalassaemia Action Group
tumour antigen


Dermatology A redundancy of mucocutaneous or other tissue. See Anal tag, Ear tag, Pleural tag, Skin tag Vox populi A label. See Blue tag, Pink tag, Yellow tag.


1. See: label, tracer
2. A small outgrowth or polyp.


1. A small polyp or growth.
2. A label or tracer; or the application of a label or tracer.

hemorrhoidal tag

Remaining anal skin tag related to uneven postsurgical healing, spontaneous resolution of a previously enlarged external hemorrhoid, secondary to anal skin irritation, or external to an anal fissure.
See: sentinel pile

radioactive tag

A radioactive isotope that is incorporated into a chemical or organic material to allow its detection in metabolic or chemical processes. Synonym: radiolabel

sentinel tag

Sentinel pile.
Enlarge picture
Enlarge picture

skin tag

A small outgrowth of skin, usually occurring on the neck, axilla, and groin.
See: illustration; acrochordonillustration


1. See: tracer
2. Small outgrowth or polyp.
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* El pasado junio Microsoft descarto introducir una funcion que habia sido muy controvertida, los Smart Tags (o Etiquetas Inteligentes), que proponian links hacia sitios elegidos por Microsoft, a partir de otros sitios Internet.
Increased integration with Office XP, including the new streamlined interface, task panes and smart tags, allows users to quickly and easily access important tasks in a single integrated view, simplifies the way people work, and reduces users' need to learn new skills when working between Office applications.
Smart Tags luggage tags are bigger than regular tags, available in four neon colors and have a suggested retail of $4.
"Adnoc Distribution has invested in this technology to improve our customers' experience and I'm confident that, over time, Smart Tags will also help to reduce congestion by speeding up the refueling process," he said.
Smart Tags allow customers to pay for fuel without using a credit card or cash - instead payment is made electronically through an electronic wallet, which is topped up online.
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In essence smart tags with embedded data and information can be attached to materials such as posters and packaging.

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