Smart Bomb

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A steerable radio-controlled, laser- or satellite-guided bomb designed to precisely hit a target and minimise collateral damage
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For years, Textron Defense Systems has designed its smart munitions with robust, technologically advanced clean battlefield technologies to ensure that we are keeping non-combatants as safe as our warfighters.
We believe that declines in world defense spending in the 1990s have bottomed out in the past few years so far as missiles are concerned," said Steve Zaloga, lead analyst for Teal Group's World Missiles & UAVs Briefing, the 1,400-page, monthly-updated competitive intelligence service, in which this and seven other missile, UAV and smart munitions market forecasts and 156 individual missile system reports are published and regularly updated.
ATK's MRM projectile is the only smart munition in development by the U.
Raytheon is already exploring partnerships beyond air and missile defense to include naval modernization, cyber, smart munitions, sensors, and other missiles (air to air, air to ground).
Department of Defense (DOD) supplier to manufacture key receiver subsystems for smart munitions.
The Iranian Defense Ministry in January unveiled the country's first home-made laser-guided smart munitions in a ceremony here in Tehran.
In response to calls for eradicating cluster munitions, the Defense Department released a policy statement in July 2008 that affirms its stance that smart munitions such as SFW do not belong in same category of indiscriminate killers as buried landmines or dumb unexploded ordnance.
Not only is this a positive trend for the MEMS industry, but also for each of the companies involved in the MEMS business, ranging from smart munitions to cardiac rhythm management and from smart phone functionality to oil drill monitoring.
During the decade prior to the barrel reshaping breakthrough, WMRD had a line-item budgeted program called enhanced tank gun accuracy; however, it transitioned into a smart munitions program prior to the start of the events in Figure 1.
Near the end of the release Akin is quoted: "The smart munitions produced at the (Boeing) St.
JDAM is a precision guidance tail kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurate, adverse weather Smart munitions.