Small bowel obstruction

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Small bowel obstruction; SBO

An obstruction of the small intestine that prevents the free passage of material; sometimes caused by postoperative adhesions.
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The main aim of this study was to determine the clinical characteristics, treatment, complications and outcomes of various surgical procedures performed in paediatric patients presenting with small bowel obstruction due to Diospyros.
In cases of small bowel obstructions in adults without previous abdominal surgeries, it is important to keep small bowel tumors such as carcinoid in the differential.
Provisional diagnosis of the small bowel obstruction due to volvulus was made.
With the diagnosis of small bowel obstruction, the patient has briefly resuscitated with intravenous fluids and 1 g prophylactic ceftriaxone has been administrated.
Kittaka7 found the I-FABP level is elevated in strangulated small bowel obstruction and Wiercinska-Drapalo suggested a high level of I-FABP in ulcerative colitis,18 the two authors reported the similar viewpoints.
Small bowel obstruction was rare, but significantly more common in hysterectomies that employed adhesion barriers (0.
The small bowel loops were twisting around the band forming a volvulus, causing the small bowel obstruction.
Evaluation of the spiral CT scan revealed abnormal gas in the gallbladder fossa (figure 1 a), gas in the biliary tree, and distended loops of small bowel consistent with partial small bowel obstruction.
About 15% of the patients admitted for acute abdomen have intestinal obstruction and small bowel obstruction accounts for 80% of these cases worldwide3.
Surgeons from the US, Europe, Israel, and Japan address communication and safety, ethical and legal implications, general principles, anesthesia, and surgeries for specific conditions and contexts, such as abdominal wall infection, abdominal compartment syndrome, hemorrhage, trauma, vascular surgery, intestinal anastomotic leak and enterocutaneous fistula, hernia, bariatric surgery, pancreatic surgery, liver surgery, biliary tract surgery, organ transplants, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, recurrent small bowel obstruction, complications of radiation injury and chemotherapy, and geriatric patients.
This is different from the case report of Winer and colleagues; their patient developed small bowel obstruction due to the presence of a nephrostomy tube.