Napoleon Complex

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A popular term for the inferiority complex that short men (under 5’9') in society are commonly assumed to possess, which causes them—at least per theory—to overcompensate by trying harder than men of average height (5’10') in life’s activities
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Taylor said that according to him small man syndrome could mean that shorter men were not as confident with women and A number of females he knew will not even look at a man under 6ft, even though they were shorter themselves.
I put it down to small man syndrome, he wasn't much more than five foot.
Small man syndrome aside, don't you find Mr Sarkozy's behaviour a bit worrying?
The following two quatrains divide Nostradamaticians who think variously it is about the USA joining in two World Wars, Napoleon's serial small man syndrome attempts to smash the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a Biblical End of Days Armageddon sparked by fundamentalists in the White House.
It is the small man syndrome and it really does help him, but I will have a chat with him.
Jamie, 14 KANYE West quite clearly suffers from small man syndrome.
The shoes in question, I have been reliably informed by my local cobbler Alan, were of the stacked variety usually worn by blokes suffering with Small Man Syndrome.
The sergeant is a small man and he had small man syndrome.
Craig Bellamy - small man syndrome - or Kevin Phillips, always seems to come off the bench and scores against us.
Dr Mike Eslea, of the university, in Preston, said: "Results were consistent with the view that small man syndrome is a myth.
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