Greenfield, U.S. laryngologist, 1865-1928.
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com Andy Sluder, sales and service manager Instrumentation: Rheometer and viscometer rebuilds PPD Group 325 Principale N.
In her work counselling school children, Sluder (1986) found that through using humour she was able to build a therapeutic rapport with the children more easily.
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Si bien estas variaciones son moderadas en Dicotiledoneas (Dadswell, 1960; Sluder, 1972), la madera madura se presenta mas estable y homogenea, con sus propiedades relativamente constantes en comparacion con la madera juvenil, en la que las propiedades cambian rapidamente en direccion centrifuga.
Last year was a tough fishing year because of the flooding from the Mississippi, but the catching was still great," said Kevin Sluder, president of the Pensacola Big Game Fishing Club.
Groomsmen were Brett Daniel Morgan, Bryce Edwin Morgan, Joshua Peden Morgan, Walter Edward Hill, John Baker Harrington, and Kevin Bryan Sluder.
Ved R, Sana S, Westlund B, Perier C, Burnam L, Sluder A, et al.
The fish tipped the scales at 16 pounds 9 ounces--2 ounces better than the previous state record caught by John Sluder in May, 1994.
1) In the 1920s, Sluder described sphenopalatine ganglia neuralgia and vacuum headaches as potential triggers of chronic headache symptoms.
High-school students whose works are included in the "One Earth In Our Care" exhibit include: Devon Wood of Berwick Academy; Gina Catalfo, Ella Bergquist, S, Aram Guptill, Katie Harris, Alexander Mason, Sarah Perrault, Sean Randall, Emily Sluder, Joseph Sbrilli, Chris Treadwell and Samantha Poirier of Portsmouth Christian Academy; Samantha Campbell, Peter Schwaegerle, Alyssa Smith and Cailyn Toomey of St.