Slow Suicide

A prolonged period of self-abusive, harmful behaviour, which may result in suicide completion
References in classic literature ?
The state, I call it, where all are poison-drinkers, the good and the bad: the state, where all lose themselves, the good and the bad: the state, where the slow suicide of all--is called "life.
Smoking under the age of 18 is illegal in Britain because we know that it would be much harder to stop our own children starting a long, slow suicide if their friends were freely doing just that.
It appears that there are those who are pushing for a slow suicide, by knives into the body of the state, one at a time.
We are at a tipping point in the progression of human history and are now making the final decisions that will lead to the slow suicide of our species or its salvation.
As an old newspaper guy, I'm quite saddened about what the newspaper industry has done to itself, committing a long, slow suicide.
The bottom line is that hard pressed Welsh men and women cannot currently support both Wales and the regions but I still believe the WRU and the regions committed slow suicide when they sold out and agreed to allow television to both screen every game and also dictate some of those games should be on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.
Indeed, it is at this point much more tantamount to announcing its slow suicide than a way to resolve the issue of the protest movement, as the more blood is shed in the streets, the more it becomes difficult to reach a peaceful political decision that would set the country on the track to salvation - if it is still possible to speak of a reconciliatory solution that would restore Syria's regional standing, which has today become exposed to all kinds of interferences, equally from those near and far.
And the most mischievous liars are those who keep sliding on the verge of truth, refusing to recognise that violations of it are not only a form of slow suicide, but vicious stabs at the very health of human society.
GreenhouseFX is described as dramatizing the slow suicide of an internal combustion engine.
Until gramps died from the disease called slow suicide,
Smoking so close to a building is supposed to be an offence so I would recommend calling the police to the scene, arresting those who undertake this vile habit and then perhaps we could clean up the entrance to the hospital from those slowly forcing others (as well as themselves) to be a part of their slow suicide attempts.
He added: "It's a slow suicide and it's a cry for help because they're in mental pain.