Dot Blot

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A rapid—‘quick and dirty’—hybridization technique for semiquantifying a specific RNA and DNA fragment in a specimen without performing a more time-consuming Northern and Southern blot
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SpeedBlot (His) is equally suitable for Western Blot assays and Dot or Slot Blot assays.
Previous methods of quantifying hBDs in body fluids involved acid extraction followed by slot blot assays (14,15), semiquantitative Western analysis (16-18), or RIA (19).
Total hsp70 isoforms in oyster gills were detected with a monoclonal antibody raised against human hsp70 (Affinity Bioreagent, 3A3) and total hsp70 quantified using the slot blot assay (Cruz-Rodriguez & Chu 2002, Lewis et al.
Several technologies are used in this field: Southern blot hybridization, dot blot and slot blot hybridization, Northern blot hybridization, PCR, RT-PCR, among other types of amplification reactions.
Number of Tests Cost/Test Product Method per Kit ($) Digene In situ 20 15 Enzo In situ 40 10 ONCOR Southern blot 60 7 Virapap Slot blot 50 7 ViraType In situ 20 15
Tenders are invited for equipment purchase for scientific research: Specification:(a) UV light trans-illumination (high quality UV source) & white Epi illumination, (c) two or more number of filter positions for flexibility, (d) scientific grade CCD camera with image resolution of 5 megapixels or above, (e)free compatible software for imaging and analyzing 1-D gels, dot blots, Slot blot, colony counting and other applications like crop function and enhancement tools, (f) USB (pen drive) compatibility and LAN connectivity for image data transfer (g) 3 years CMC with spare parts
This study reports the development of an adaptation for the RPA which allows accurate quantitative analysis of large numbers of mRNA samples by replacing PAGE with direct application of the digested sample onto the hybridization membrane by way of a slot blot.
Tenders are invited for UV crosslinker: for use with (application)cross linking dna or rna to membranes, in preparation for multiple probings of southern~s, northern~s, dot or slot blots, contract duration: 1 year.
Progenies were characterized in these subsequent generations by ELISA, chromosome analysis (counts and pairing), Southern hybridization using a Thinopyrum-specific probe A600 and group 7 chromosome RFLP markers, and slot blots and genomic in situ hybridization using the rye telomeric repetitive sequence pAW161, as described for progenies of P29 (Sharma et al.
To correct for any variation in amounts of DNA loaded, the slot blots were stripped of probe DNA and rehybridized with the nitrate reductase structural gene (plasmid pMN24; Fernandez et al.