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A downward slope movement of a potentially lethal mixture of water, rocks, and mud, triggered by earthquakes, volcanoes, or weather events
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Keywords: Slope Failure, Liquid Limit, Dry Density, Shear Strength, Internal Friction Angle
This was enlarged by a subsequent slope failure in 2008, forming what is now a salient scar on the south side of the Pond (Fig.
Slope Failure Analysis Results: The shear strength parameters (c and ph) obtained from direct shear tests performed at in situ field density for varying degrees of saturation (Table-2), were utilized in Slope/W software for the slope failure analysis.
The infiltration process wetted the soil layer at shallow depth near the slope surface and may lead to slope failure during a prolonged rainfall event.
The county could be held liable if pedestrians were injured in or around a slope failure.
Incorporation of the hysteretic flow combined with the root strength has been shown to significantly affect the prediction time of slope failure.
Some researchers have studied the seepage--induced slope failure problem during and after rainfall from an experimental point of view [1-3].
Many studies have determined slope failure modes (Markland, 1972; Goodman, 1976; Goodman and Shi, 1985; Matherson, 1988) and evaluated slope stability (Ozsan and Akin, 2002; Aksoy and Ercanoglu, 2007; Kulatilake et al.
Output at Aguablanca was suspended in December 2010 after heavy rains that caused a significant slope failure on the southwestern wall of the open pit affecting the main access ramp.
The work at Scioto Sanitation Landfill will prevent further deterioration of the site due to erosion and a potential slope failure.
The Banihal- Qazikund tunnel, on the other hand, will provide relief from roadblocks due to slope failure, rock fall, and avalanche.